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Updated: Dec 1, 2019

Yes! Steam and Dryclean can also clean Upholstery. Whether it's your couch or car seats. Steam and Dry clean have the know how when it comes to cleaning and removing stain off all fabrics.

We all love being clean, but nothing is better than relaxing on a comfy clean lounge! Agree?

Steam and Dryclean only cleans Upholstery with non toxic cleaning products, So if you're concerned about harsh cleaning products, rest assure we have the solution for you.

Tips and handy advice on how to keep your Upholstery cleaner for longer.

*Regular vacuuming is improtant specially if you have indoor pets. The build up of pet hair can leave your couch looking old and smelly.

5 Tips on keeping your Upholstery looking cleaner for longer:

  1. Regular Vacuuming

  2. A woollen throw rug or cotton sheet is a perfect way of protecting your couch from spills but it's also handy when you need a snuggler.

  3. Fill a spray bottle up with water and drop a few droplets of tee tree oil or lavender oil and mist it on your couch. This will keep your couch smelling fresh.

  4. An upright Steamer for removing wrinkles out of garmets is an excellent way of cleaning, removing germs and odours out of your Upholstery.

  5. Regular Steam cleaning by a professional Upholstery cleaner at least once every 6- 12 months will keep your couch looking newer for longer.

"A Garment Steamer is a great and safe way in keeping your Upholstery clean and fresh inbetween your cleans"

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