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Steam Cleaning vs Dry Cleaning

Updated: Dec 1, 2019

Which cleaning method is best when it comes to carpet cleaning?

Steam and Dryclean offers both steam cleaning and dry cleaning methods to our customers and we commonly get ask.... "Which cleaning method works best"?

The truth is.....They both are do a great job at breaking down and removing stains.

Steam Cleaning

Carpet cleaning hot water soil extraction cleaning method is recommended by most specialised carpet manufacturers as the best and safest way to clean and care for your carpet. Using the power of steam to lift dirt from fibres through hot water extraction. 

Dry Cleaning - Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning

Encapsulation carpet cleaning also know as Dry cleaning to customers. This method can also be used as an effective way to clean and protect your carpet. This method is effective on certain carpet fibres. If unsure on what method of cleaning is best suitable for your carpet our trained technician can recommend which method of cleaning is best suitable for your carpet. 

The Process works by encapsulating or crystalising dirt, grim and soiling into very small crystals of dirt. Using less water then steam cleaning.

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