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Carpet cleaning and End of Lease cleaning tips and advice

Updated: Dec 1, 2019

Carpet Stain treatment - How to clean a fresh pet stain off your carpet?......

When it comes to cleaning stains off carpets the number one rule is "know your carpet"! Some stains may lock in and become harder to remove if the wrong cleaning method is used on the stain.

One of the most Common stains found in most homes are pet stains.

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Here are 6 quick and easy steps in cleaning up pet stains (urine) off from carpets.

1. Use a white cloth or a white paper towel to absorb as much of the stain as you can by blotching the stain or spill.

2. Once you are satisfied with attempting to absorb as much of the stain as you can, fill spray bottle water up half with COLD water and half with white vinegar. Spray the area with your vinegar solution covering the entire stain.

3. In a small bowl add COLD water then add a few small drops of dish washing detergent or foam up a soap bar into the bowl of water.

4. Using your soapy cleaning solution and a fresh white cloth or white paper towel, begin cleaning the stain, working from the outside part of the stain inwards. This will reduce the amount of spreading, keeping the stain a small as possible.

5. Once you have cleaned the stain and you are happy with the clean, spray your vinegar solution over the stain.

6. If possible place a fan over or near the stain to speed up the drying process. Do not use a hair dryer. Some carpet's are sensitive to too much concentrated heat and may melt.

Moving out of a rental and needing to complete an End Of Lease clean?......

Here are a few steps in preparing for your End of Lease Clean.

These steps will definitelty save you money if you are considering hiring a cleaner.

1. Start from the top, using a brush remove any cobwebs you may see around the corners of your walls and ceilings.

2. Dust any light shades and remove any dead bugs and insects from the light covers.

3. Dust the corners, or all your door frames and skirting boards. (Remember to dust and clean in-between the door jams.).

4. Dust any blinds you may have and where possible, using a little soapy water and a cloth to remove any marks or stains.

*The next step will involve a magic eraser which can be purchased from most hardware stores and local grocery store.

5. Using your magic eraser, remove any scuff mark or finger prints you may notice around your doors or your walls. Common areas to look out for are finger prints that are mostly around the door handles and around light switches.

6. Light switches, Tv points and power points - Using a dry cloth remove any dust that may have built up over the years. A good place to look will be behind bedside tables and entertainment units.

Now you have only the main obvious areas that you need to worry about, such as Windows, Bathrooms, Kitchen and Laundry areas. If time is an issuse our professional Team at Steam and Dryclean will be happy to help out.

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