Steam Cleaning services


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"Let us put a smile on your face"

Our Cleaning Method Includes

Moving of basic furniture when we clean

Pre vacuuming your carpet  

FREE Spot stain treatment on stains 

Non toxic cleaning pre spray shampoo

Agitation process to loosen stains and traffic areas

Soil extraction, Steam Cleaning or Dry Cleaning method

FREE Deodorising

Grooming of carpet fibers to allow fast drying 

Great customer service in every clean

steamanddryclean carpet cleaning gold co


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Searching for a carpet cleaner that offers steam cleaning in your local area for a great price and delivers great service? Well, you found us!

When it comes to steam cleaning we only use the high performing non-toxic cleaning products. Steam and Dryclean thrives on keeping up to date training and knowledge of all types of carpet fibres ranging from Natural wool, synthetics and high-grade Stain proof carpets. 

Carpets, rugs and upholstery can be breeding grounds for bacteria and odours as well as home to millions of dust mites, allergens, and dander. Steam and Dryclean will insure your home is clean, fresh, and free of stains and germs! Our superior cleaning system is the best in the industry and simply the best at protecting and keeping your home, family, and pets safe from lingering chemicals that other cleaning systems can leave behind. Call us today on 0406 846 730 

Steam and Dryclean Steam Cleaning Gold Coast, Upholstery Cleaning, Tile and Grout Cleaning Services

Steam Cleaning in your local area.