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Carpet Cleaning in Sydney

3 Rooms WITH 

Sanitising treatment 

NORMALLY $187.00


Steam and Dryclean offers quality cleaning services to Sydney customers. Our most request service is steam cleaning for carpet cleaning, mattresses, upholstery and tile cleaning. However our Dry cleaning service is also request from customers who prefer a quicker dry time.  

Steam and Dryclean

How often should I be steam cleaning my carpet?

We all know the feeling of a clean home especially clean carpet. Clean carpet doesn't just mean no visible stains on the surface. It's what is under the surface that builds up. Dust mites have the perfect breeding ground in a warm carpet with plenty food to feed from such as dead skill cells. Indoor pets are also common in most homes. Keeping up with regular vacuuming is a MUST and it is just as important in getting your carpet's professional steam cleaned and sanitised. If you have an indoor pet and suffer from asthma or allergies steam cleaning your carpets at least every 4-6 months will reduce your suffering and improve the air quality in your home.