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We know best when it comes to offering our customers quality "Carpet Cleaning on the Gold Coast!"

Steam and Dryclean knows best when it comes to offering our customers quality Carpet Cleaning on the Gold Coast. 


We even move your basic furniture to clean under couches and beds to deliver a thorough cleaning experience. Keeping up to date with the latest cleaning products and equipment is second nature. We mostly pride our selves on customer satisfaction making sure we leave every job with a happy customer. Check out our google reviews and see what our customers have to say about Steam and Dryclean Carpet Cleaning Gold Coast. To experience a clean by Steam and Dryclean click here

HOW ?...Firstly, NO SHORT CUTS!

steamanddryclean carpet cleaning gold coast

Did you know?

That regular Carpet Cleaning pre-longs the life of your carpet. 

Why use Steam and Dryclean ?

Safe cleaning products 

Will improve the indoor air quality in your home

Guaranteed to improve the look and feel of your carpet 

Fast service, Mon - Sat from 8:30am - 5:00pm

Move your basic furniture during cleaning

Steam or Dry cleaning available 

Carpet stain protection available 

Pet stain treatment and odour removal products available

Carpet Cleaning Gold Coast - Same Day Service

Carpet Cleaning method includes

Moving of basic furniture 

Pre vacuuming your carpet  

FREE Spot stain treatment on stains 

Non toxic cleaning pre spray shampoo

Agitation process to loosen stains and traffic areas

Soil extraction using either Steam Cleaning or Dry Cleaning method

FREE Deodorising

Grooming of carpet fibers to allow fast drying 

Great customer service in every clean

Are dust mites an issues ?

Unfortunately for us, the average dust mite tends to like the same kind of ideal temperature and humidity level that we do. They prefer a warm climate and one that is reasonably humid without being too stuffy. 

While fabric covered surfaces give them the perfect place to burrow and set up residence, a steady supply of food isn’t their only requirement and they will tend to gravitate toward warm, moist areas. In most homes, this usually means mattresses, carpets and upholstery.

Not only do we provide the perfect living environment for dust mites, we automatically provide them with a rich food source, as they eat the dead skin cells that we shed everyday without even realising it. Since we spend such a large amount of time in bed, the greatest amount of these cells can be found on our mattresses, making them the ideal home for mites. It might just be time to call Steam and Dryclean for upholstery cleaning, mattress steam cleaning or carpet cleaning on the Gold Coast, 

Dust-mites in Carpet_carpet_cleaning_Gol

Steam and Dryclean's  Steam Cleaning Services

Read the information below to help you get a better understanding on the different cleaning methods.

Steam Cleaning


Steam cleaning hot water soil extraction cleaning method is recommended by most specialised carpet manufacturers as the best and safest way to clean and care for your carpet. Using the power of steam to lift dirt from fibres through hot water extraction. 

Steam Cleaning can also be used on upholstery cleaning and tile and grout cleaning not just on carpet and rugs.

Steam cleaning is also an excellent cleaning method. This method has a great flushing capability since it uses hot water to rinse the carpet, best performing if the mixture of water pressure and temperature is right.

steamanddryclean carpet cleaning gold co

Carpets that haven’t been cleaned for more the three years or have heavy pet soiling, this will be the way to go. Only down fall is that carpets take up to 3-5 hours to dry depending on the weather.In some cases more of the heavily soiled carpets need to be treated with both methods.

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